Monday, March 15, 2010

Yes pepole I still have pumpkins on my blog......I will post soon, I promise!!!! :)

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

It's About That Time

Hello everyone! I figured after 3 months of nothing and feeling the "blogging pressure" from Julie Y. I had better post something. Yes, there are still pumpkins on my background page! My last post was when we found out we were pregnant. Since then I have endured a few hospital stays and one kidney stent surgery but I am hanging in there pretty well I think! I had my 20 week ultrasound about 2 weeks ago and the baby looks great so far. We already knew it was a boy, thanks to a good friend and a 16 week ultrasound, but he cooperated and showed us yet again that he was definately a boy! My actual due date is Sept. 2, 10 days before Bella's b-day, but we know I will not make it that far. Bella was a 35 weeker due to the same complications so sometime in August we will get to meet that sweet little boy.

We just found out that we are moving back to Killen into the same house that we used to live in so we are very excited! We are supposed to be moving sometime in May. Richard's dad is moving to Mississippi and getting married. Yeah for a house and more space :)

Baby Boy Bilstein still does not have a name but we are throwing a few ideas around. Right now I think we have it narrowed down to Cruz, pronounced like cruise ship, and Drake. We know the middle name will be Hollis, named after my Nanny. I am really fond of Cruz Hollis Bilstein. I think it is really pretty and unique! A couple of others that we really like are Greyson and Corbin. Maybe by the next post we will have decided on a name. I go back to the baby doctor in 2 weeks so I will try to post again after my appointment to keep you updated on Baby Boy Bilstein. That's all for now!!!

Friday, January 9, 2009

One of Life's Little Surprises

Well, Thursday started out as a normal day. I had an appointment with Dr. Conrad in Huntsville. I have been having a lot of pain, headaches, normal female stuff for me. Dr. Conrad comes through the door and says, "Miss Caroline do you have something you want to tell me?" So I very casually turn around and look at him, not meaning to glare if I am, and say, "Uh, no, do you have something you want to tell me?" Yep, turns out that week long headache was because my horomones are raging!!!! So that led into me actually having to see the evidence so they went and got the pregnancy test for me and showed it to me, then I said, "Are you sure this came from the cup of pee that had my name on it?" I was so shocked he offered to test me again to really prove it but I had the evidence right there in my shaky hands. So yeah, needless to say, we are extremely shocked. This is something we were definately not planning for at this moment in our lives but that is okay. Everything happens for a reason so we are very excited and happy. We will find out more next week but we are thinking about 7 weeks along, maybe 8, and I never suspected a thing! I will keep everyone posted. SURPRISE!!!!!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Random Stuff

Well, today was my much anticipated interview in Huntsville. The position is in Florence but their main office is in Huntsville, so off I went! It is for a Marketing position with Columbia Cottage, an assisted living facility. I feel that it went well. She said my interview should only be around 45 minutes but it actually took an hour and a half so I am hoping that it is a good sign. Thanks to everyone for your encouragement and prayers. Keep your fingers crossed!

My little sweet Bella has developed somewhat of an attitude lately. Last night I sang to her in this crazy voice just goofing off and she proceeds to cover her ears with both hands and say "Mommy, no that hurts ears!" Thanks my dear Bella...Kids are so funny and are sponges to everything. Sometimes I am afraid that she will overhear something that someone says while we are out shopping or whatever and that she will repeat it, how embarassing would that be!

The Harvest Fest was a blast, hopefully I will find time to post pictures soon. All the little kiddos were so adorable! Bella is still walking around saying Trick-or-Treat to everyone thinking that they will give her candy. She is now asking anyone and everyone for candy even strangers, not a good idea Bella, but I can't seem to get her to understand that. She now has a new profound love for candy. She came home from school the other day with two huge bags and apparently the teachers let them eat candy out of the bowl all day long, also not a good idea. So now I have to tell her if she eats all of her supper she can have one piece of candy.

Well, hope that my rambling didn't bore you to tears but rambling is what I do best! Everyone have a great week and be safe!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


For anyone who likes John & Kate Plus 8...I just finished the book she wrote. It just came out and it is called Multiple Bles8ings. This book was amazing! She told their story from the very beginning, starting with the birth of the twins. Even if you do not like to watch that show I am sure that you will find inspiration from this story. She is a great Christian woman and can be very inspiring. I just thought I would share this with you all. I am finished with the book so if anyone would like to borrow it from me just let me know! Everyone have a good week and stay warm, it is freezing!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


So I got this idea from Amy's blog and I thought that it would be so fun to do. You can learn a few funny, interesting little things about Caroline. So here goes!! Oh yeah, and these are in no particular order.

7 Things I Want To Do Before I Die

1.) Go to NYC @ Christmastime and stay in the Plaza Hotel
2.) Adopt a little girl from China
3.) Get a pharmaceutical sales job
4.) Visit all 50 states
5.) Go to Italy
6.) Take a ride in a hot air balloon
7.) Be there for every single step and moment in my daughter's life

7 Things I Can Do

1.) Play basketball-pretty good
2.) Put my legs behind my head-yes, the human pretzel
3.) Statistics-boring, I know
4.) Burp extremely loud-very ladylike
5.) Be a great friend
6.) Be too sensitive
7.) Take things entirely the wrong way

7 Things I Can Not Do

1.) See or have anything to do with spiders
2.) Eat meat unless it's well done
3.) Play an instrument
4.) Go to sleep @ night unless I'm rubbing my feet together
5.) Drive a stick shift
6.) Handle people who are unkind
7.) Handle those who think they are better than you

7 Things That Attracted Me To My Hubby

1.) Kindness
2.) Sensitivity
3.) Smile
4.) Looks in general
5.) Sideburns-Funny, I know!
6.) Personality
7.) Shyness

7 Things I Say Most Often

1.) Seriously?
2.) Bella! No ma'am! Bella Mommy said no!
3.) Really?
4.) Oh, whatever!
5.) I Love You
6.) A prayer
7.) No way!

7 Celebrity Crushes

1.) Matthew McC.
2.) Jake Gyll.
3.) Brad Pitt
4.) Dr. Gregory House-bad, I know but he is so cute!
5.) Dr. Derek Shepard
6.) Dr. Mark Sloan
7.) Dr. Alex Karev-my 3 Grey's Men!!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Yep, sick again

Well, just to keep everyone updated...I've been sick again. So if you see me at one place one day and then I am not there the next, you know why. I made it to the Pumpkin patch, thank goodness, because I did not want Bella to miss out, but then got home and was very sick throughout the night. This went on for a few hours until my Mother finally forced me to take a phenergan tablet. Then I slept for a very long time. When I am not nauseated I'm vomiting, and when I'm not vomiting I'm nauseated :( Sounds like fun, huh? All the while keeping up with an extremely energetic two year old. I finally broke down and went to the doctor today, per husband and mother, I was forced. I have yet another cyst on the ovary and a severe bladder/kidney infection, hence, the vomiting. But enough about that, I just wanted to keep you all updated. I am glad that Scarlett told me that you guys did this! Now I can talk and rant and rave all I want to and eventually someone is going to read it. So I can get things off my chest.

We hope everyone had a good time at the park last night and we are sorry we did not get to be there. But everyone have a good rest of the week!!! Hopefully, next time I will have something a little more intereesting to blog about.